Headaches are a common problem that plagues our health. Sometimes they are harmless, and sometimes they are a cause of concern. Anyways headaches are one of the most common illnesses of the human body. These bursts of pain can occur due to one or several reasons. Stress, hypertension, tiredness, impact, injury, or every other disease could have headaches as a symptom. But what if you get headaches immediately after eating? What could be the reason for such a case? Many questions may come to mind, like, maybe your diet is at fault? Or maybe you overate?

Whatever the reason is, headaches right after a meal are not common. If this happens, something minor or major is definitely wrong here. Your meal is a source of energy for your body, so it doesn’t make sense if it causes pain unless you are doing something wrong. Most likely, your diet is at fault. That is the closest explanation, but there may be something bigger at work in your body. So, if the condition is frequent, contact a migraine and headache doctor as soon as possible. Don’t try to fix the problem with home remedies because you don’t know what is actually wrong.

Reason for Headache After Eating

Reactive Hypoglycemia
This condition causes your body’s blood sugar level to drop dramatically. The condition causes your body to release excess amounts of insulin that lowers your blood sugar in your body. Some potential causes of this reaction are:

  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Tumors
  • Abnormal Hormone Levels

Food Allergies or Intolerance
Allergies don’t always create difficulties in breathing, and intolerances don’t always cause digestive reactions. They are sometimes responsible for sudden migraines but only in rare cases. If your body has an excess amount of immunoglobulin (IgG) antibodies, then you are more likely to get headaches immediately after a meal.

Temperature Sensitivity
Brain freeze is a common reason for headaches right after eating something, but it can persist for hours if the reaction is severe. You can easily fix this issue by eating slowly. Otherwise, you could catch a cold right after an intense brain freeze.

Certain Substances Found in Food
Certain compounds in your food can cause sudden pain in your head. It could be an intolerance or that you are extra sensitive to these compounds.

Coffee or caffeine is one of the most liked morning brews. The compound is used in most headache relief medications. If it’s causing you pain, you should better stop drinking coffee or at least cut back on it.

This compound reduces the blood flow to your brain. It affects your circulatory system, similar to migraines, and is commonly found in chocolate.

These are common food additives that expose your brains to nitrate oxides. You feel a migraine because nitrate oxides constrict your blood vessels.


In normal conditions, you won’t get a headache after eating because your meal is energy. This is only happening because something is definitely wrong. A proper doctor’s check would help cure or manage the pain better. Refrain from home remedies because they won’t work in a real emergency. You can reach out to Genesis Pain Clinic in Overland Park, Kansas, if you need advice and consultation about managing your headaches. You can also get in touch with us on the phone. The number is 913-871-9888.

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