Migraine headaches can be hard to manage. While there are medications available, many patients have a hard time finding a drug that truly works for them. If you are struggling to find the right treatment, then you should learn more about trigger point injections for migraine. This treatment is gaining popularity because it is easy, effective, and fast-acting. Read on to learn more about trigger point injections for migraines.

Common Treatment Options

There are many migraine treatments out there, since these headaches can be triggered by a wide variety of issues. For some patients, avoiding their migraine triggers is enough to limit their headaches. Prescription drugs for chronic pain are common. There are pills that both reduce pain and also prevent migraine attacks. Many patients use both types of medication.

Using an Alternative Therapy

While medication can be very helpful, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Some patients simply don’t find relief from traditional pills. Others find relief, but have to deal with negative side effects. Alternative therapies are often used along with traditional methods. Sometimes, the alternative therapy is used on its own.

What are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger points are the areas of your body that cause pain. For instance, people with muscle aches will have trigger points located in the tight areas of their muscles. Patients with migraines often have trigger points in their heads or necks. A trigger point injection is a medication that is placed directly into your trigger point with a small needle.

Is it Safe?

Trigger point injections for migraines are safe and effective. Some people may experience side effects, but these are usually mild. Numbness or pain at the injection site is the most common side effect.

Migraine Relief That Works For You

If you suffer from chronic headaches, then it’s time you find long-lasting relief. Genesis Pain Clinic offers a variety of treatments, ranging from traditional medications to all-natural remedies and everything in between. We provide trigger point injections for migraines, as well as a variety of other treatments. Call us today to learn more, or book your appointment online.

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