In the fast-moving world of medicine with new upgrades, steroid injections are on a pedestal that cannot be replaced. You can think of the injection as a magical wand filled with a healing potion that swiftly alleviates pain, restores mobility, and offers relief to those dealing with a myriad of ailments. For joint pain, too, steroid injections prove to be quite effective. But how long does it take for a steroid injection to work? Learn all about this treatment and carry on reading for steroid injection insights.

How Long Does Steroid Injection Take to Work?

Generally, medical conditions such as arthritis can cause inflammation, which causes pain. Steroid shots get to work soon after they are injected, decreasing inflammation and reducing pain. It takes a few days for steroid injections to work, and the inflammation settles down during this time. Soon, the pain will go away as well once inflammation decreases.

The extent of inflammation, type of steroid injection, and other elements affect how long it will take for the shot to work. You may have to wait a little longer if you have severe or chronic inflammation. Sometimes, more than one steroid shot is required for relief.

How is Steroid Given

The method of giving steroids differs according to strength, how long they last, and the type. They are available as oral medications and injections. Steroid injections are suitable for joint and bone conditions in the inflamed spot. Usually, cortisone or other steroids are mixed with numbing medication, which makes it easy to relieve pain. Furthermore, it makes the entire process comparatively more comfortable.

Before giving the injection, the doctor will clean the skin that will receive the shot. Then, they will inject the medication, making sure the needle is placed right and it meets the correct amount of tension. Once the steroid is injected, the needle will be taken out, and the doctor will place the Band-Aid over the site. You may have a little bleeding at the injection site, especially if you are taking blood-thinning medications.

Why Some Shots Show Fast Results

While it normally takes a few days to work, some people feel immediate relief after a dose of steroid injection. It works faster for some individuals because of a couple of reasons. Usually, mixing an anesthetic with a steroid proves to be effective. Other times, people feel better faster since the provider extracts fluid from the swollen joint. Then, the steroid injection for joints is given right after, which significantly helps with pain relief.

Final Note

A steroid injection is pretty effective for pain relief and takes a few days to work. You may even notice the pain goes away immediately in some cases! However, pain relief may take longer if you have severe or chronic inflammation.

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