Have you ever felt like your shoulder is kind of weird? Is it not in the right spot but not completely dislocated, either? It’s a strange and uncomfortable feeling that can leave you puzzled about what to do. Luckily, a shoulder that feels out of place but not dislocated can be fixed.

What Is a Shoulder Joint?

The shoulder is like a ball sitting in a shallow cup, allowing lots of movement. It comprises the upper arm bone and a part of the shoulder blade. The ball part of the upper arm bone should stay snug in the cup, like a ball in a holder. The cup keeps the ball in place with a lining, some thickened parts called ligaments, and a cartilage rim.

Why Does My Shoulder Feel Dislocated but Isn’t?

When someone has a loose shoulder joint, they might feel like the ball of the shoulder pops out. It usually triggers a series of pain. This happens a lot when they do certain things with their arm, like throwing a ball or reaching behind them.

Shoulder Out of Alignment Symptoms

When the shoulder slips but doesn’t fully pop out, it’s called subluxation. It might feel loose, especially when you raise your hand above your head. The subluxation can cause a quick pinch or pain in the shoulder.

If your shoulder keeps getting loose, it might start to fully dislocate often. This can be a big problem because you might need help getting it back in place, maybe even at the emergency room. A dislocated shoulder causes pain and feels strange. Moving it even a little can be super painful. Plus, it can hurt the nerves around your shoulder.

If the nerves get stretched, you might feel numbness outside your arm near your shoulder. Some shoulder muscles might feel weak for a bit until the nerve gets better. But the weakness usually doesn’t last long.

Treatments for the Shoulder That Feels Out of Place but Not Dislocated

When you seek medical help for shoulder instability, your healthcare provider will suggest minimally invasive methods before you opt for surgery. These treatment approaches include:

  • Restricting Activity
    If certain activities worsen your shoulder, try not to do them. Avoiding things that require reaching overhead can help you feel better.
  • Medication
    Taking pain relievers like ibuprofen or naproxen can help with shoulder pain and swelling. They’re often used to ease discomfort. You can also receive injections for quick pain relief.
  • Physical Therapy
    Doing specific exercises to make your shoulder muscles stronger and more stable might help fix the problem. A physical therapist can guide you through these exercises.
  • Shoulder Surgery
    If other treatments don’t help, you might need surgery to repair your shoulder. Surgeons often use a minimally invasive technique called arthroscopic surgery, which means they make just a few small cuts. This can help you heal faster and have less scarring.

Wrapping Up

A shoulder that feels out of place but not dislocated can be troublesome but not rare or life-threatening. Therefore, don’t lose sleep over it when our pain management expert can easily treat it.

Visit Dr. Raza Jafri at Genesis Pain Clinic. Our Board Certified Anesthesiologist has a sub-specialty in Pain Medicine with extensive experience in treating numerous chronic and acute conditions. Call us at (913) 871-9888 to secure an appointment.

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