The human knee is the most common area where sharp stabbing pain comes and goes regardless of age. Knee pain is the kind of a cause that takes a person straight to the physician’s office.

The knee is the most significant joint present in your body and carries the most weight. Therefore any damage or inflammation results in excruciating pain. Stinging knee pain is primarily short-term and resolves quickly. However, if the sharp stabbing knee pain comes and goes repeatedly, a disease might be the issue.

We have discussed the connection between knee pain and inflammation in this blog piece; read to know more.

Knee Pain and Arthritis

Knee pain is commonly seen amongst individuals with knee bursitis, torn cartilage, fracture, arthritis, etc. This joint is not a simple structure, which is why the diagnosis of your sore knee is very important.

It is a common misconception that knee pain while walking is a raging cry of aging. But that is not what healthcare professionals say. Early proper diagnosis can greatly slow down the progression of this issue with pain relief.

Knee pain because of arthritis depends on the degree of degeneration and affects an individual’s health, such as weight, mobility, etc. Arthritic knee pain comes with a particular sign which is sharp stabbing pain that comes and goes in the form of episodes.

Types of Knee Pain

The doctors have put together knee pain into 2 types:

  • Mechanical pain
  • Inflammatory pain

Inflammatory Pain

A warm sensation, swelling, and burning are a few of the signs that occur in this type. Inflammatory pain shows up as an intense flare-up episode with a constant dull ache.

Mechanical Pain

Mechanical is the kind of sharp stabbing knee pain that comes after weight lifting activities, climbing stairs, squatting, or and goes after resting properly. The pain worsens when pressure is put on the joint. Although, it requires only a few minutes of pause and gentle movements to get back to normal.

Things Making Knee Pain Worse

  • Increased inactivity worsens stiffness and knee pain.
  • Bending down with weight, includes getting out of the car or going up the stairs. This intensifies the dull ache.
  • Sports activities that involve pressure or running, even walking a distance, may result in a flare-up.

Knee Pain Relief in Arthritis Patients

  • Ample rest
  • Place a heating pad or an ice pack, whatever option is available for pain and inflammation reduction.
  • Don’t sit idle for a very long time as movement ejects fluids that lubricate the joint.


If you have sharp stabbing knee pain that comes and goes in the form of episodes, head to the pain management clinic in Overland Park at Genesis Pain Management for a checkup and appropriate treatment plan. Call 913 871 9888 for an appointment.

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