Running is a daily part of your life whether you are into sports or not. It’s a healthy habit unless you overdo it. Daily early morning runs can improve your immunity, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, joint health, and neurological response. Running every day is a goldmine of great benefits, but what if you experience pain while running? To be specific, inner knee pain. What we are referring to as “inner knee” means the back of your knee joint where the knee closes. It is not common to feel pain in this spot. Therefore, it can be a reason for concern.

If you are experiencing pain in the back of your knee, you should take a break or reduce your running. Take precautions unless a joint specialist tells you otherwise. Knee pain comes in the same category as other joint pains, but its causes can differ. The reason being your knees are responsible for holding your weight while standing upright. They keep holding your weight even when you run and fall. Your knees always take the brunt of every impact while running or jumping. In fact, your knee joints are the most working joint in your body.

Why Does the Inside of My Knee Hurt?

Every person’s anatomy is different. The nutritional values and immunity in their bodies differ. Hence, everyone experiences pain differently. The same reason could cause different kinds of pain in two different people. On the other hand, the same kind of pain can exist for two different reasons. So, it is impossible to pinpoint your particular issue just by knowing the causes of pain. Don’t rely on just home remedies to heal yourself, and make sure you get in touch with a joint pain specialist as soon as possible.

Some Common Reasons for Pain on Inner Side of Knee

This condition happens by overuse or impact injury. Bursitis causes the tissue around your knee to inflame and swell up, causing pain. You can treat it by applying ice over the swelling. If your doctor recommends, you can use painkillers to stop the pain.

Medial Plica Irritation
This is a tissue lining over your knee joints. Plica irritation causes swelling. Therefore, the tissues get stuck between the joints causing pain. It’s common for frequent runners, as it is caused by overuse. Resting and icing can help, but if the pain persists, contact your doctor.

Runner’s Knee
This is not a single injury but a category of injuries commonly experienced by runners. You can categorize all the injuries from running excessively as a running knee. Knee caps, ligaments, tendons, and front or inner knee pain is common in running knees. Resting can help, but only proper examination can evaluate what is truly wrong.


Whatever the reason for your pain, the best you can do by yourself is a little bit of care. If you want the pain to stop, you will have to get your knees examined by a specialist. Inner knee pain can lead to weakness while standing and sitting, so don’t ignore it. If you are looking for a pain relief clinic in Overland Park, Kansas, get in touch with Genesis Pain Clinic at 913-871-9888.

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