Long COVID Treatment in Overland Park, Kansas

Many individuals battled with COVID during the pandemic, but now the world is shifting back to find some normalcy. For some individuals, though, COVID-19 is not a ghost of the past, and they still have to suffer from the consequences of the harsh reality. Some people who suffered from the infection have noticed lingering symptoms and additional health issues. The different combinations of these enigmatic symptoms are termed long COVID. It is a challenging condition that might make you feel misunderstood and isolated. Genesis Injury Clinic is here to offer Stellate Ganglion Block injections to relieve you of the draining symptoms and help improve your overall condition. Dr. Raza Jafri, our double-boarded specialist in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, offers long COVID treatment in Overland Park, Kansas, which is designed to alleviate your condition!

Introducing Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)

Stellate Ganglion Block is an effective procedure that involves injecting a long-acting anesthetic with the help of ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance. We will inject the anesthetic into the affected patient’s right side of the neck and aim for the cervical sympathetic chain. This nerve connects the region of our brain responsible for controlling our flight or fight response to other parts of our body. Once we administer the anesthesia, it disrupts and blocks the signals the nerves carry from the ‘central autonomic network’ of the brain to the rest of our body. As a result, the procedure helps alleviate pain and the other symptoms associated with long COVID.
Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)

Stellate Ganglion Block for Long COVID

In simple terms, SGB injection blocks traffic from certain nerves, which helps reduce the signs of long COVID. Our team will assess your condition and determine the proper long COVID treatment for your symptoms when you visit our clinic in Overland Park. Stellate Ganglion Block is among the potentially effective solutions for post-COVID conditions, especially because it can address a wide range of symptoms. It is one of the promising options being studied for long COVID, as it is a safe and efficient method to reduce the variety of symptoms that the condition brings forth.

Many patients report feeling brain fog, fatigue, anosmia, anxiety symptoms, etc., due to long COVID. Our stellate ganglion block treatment might show significant improvement in these conditions. It is a short procedure that alleviates many symptoms of long COVID and makes it easier to deal with the aftermath of the infection.

Stellate Ganglion Block Procedure

What Our Stellate Ganglion Block Procedure Involves

When you visit Genesis Pain Clinic for long COVID treatment, we will proceed with safe techniques to ensure you receive the results you have been waiting for. Our Stellate Ganglion Block injection is a simple procedure, which takes around 30 minutes.

Our medical provider generally starts the procedure by giving the patient an IV medication. Then, we request the patient to lie on their back on the procedure table. Our expert carefully disinfects and cleans your neck before injecting the anesthetic. After that, we inject the anesthetic with the help of a thin needle in your neck, close to the voice box. Our provider inserts a second needle to inject the anesthetic medication while taking guidance from ultrasound or fluoroscopy.

Though the procedure is effective, the results may vary for each individual. In some cases, patients feel better with just one session, and other times, it takes more injections.

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Genesis Pain Clinic has a team of experts who work to bring you effective treatments and relieve your painful symptoms. If you are suffering from long COVID, our Stellate Ganglion Block treatment is what you need for significant relief and improving your condition. Visit us for long COVID treatment in Overland Park, Kansas, or dial (913) 871-9888 to get started today!

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