Obesity could not only take a significant toll on your physical health, but also how you experience pain. Studies have found a strong relation between obesity and how much we experience pain. Many health issues are exacerbated as a result of gaining extra weight, which places undue stress on your body and leads to painful conditions.

Believe it or not, but shedding extra pounds can actually help you overcome a host of painful conditions and lead to improvements in pain. If you are curious to know how weight loss can lead to improvements in pain, read on.

Reduced Stress on Joints

One of the first ways how weight loss can lead to improvements in pain is by taking the pressure off your joints located in your knees, elbows and hips. It could even lead to inflammation in these joint areas which could cause you more pain.

Carrying extra weight in your joints means it could lead to increased wear and tear in your cartilages. It could also develop swollen and stiff joints. However, even losing weight of 10 pounds could shed off stress of 40 pounds from your knee joints. Therefore, if you are dealing with joint pain, weight loss through mobility exercises and physical activity are the best treatments for you.

Reduced Backache

Every extra pound doubles the stress placed on the muscles of the back. Your extra weight along with fat accumulated in your belly are some of the most important causes of your backache. As a consequence of excess weight, your spine bends and experiences an uneven stress. This gives you an intense backache. However, reducing weight through low-impact exercises could stave off the pressure placed on your back. It could also improve your posture.

Reduced Symptoms of Arthritis

Another way how weight loss can lead to improvements in pain is by reducing the risks of developing osteoarthritis. If you have weight-induced joint pain, it could also result in higher risks of developing arthritis in the knees. Weight loss cannot reverse your arthritis or even help you in regrowing your damaged cartilages, yet it can help you in reducing your symptoms. Not only this, but it could also mitigate further damaging consequences of arthritis. Therefore, with weight loss, you can find relief and ease with your arthritis symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, weight loss through moderate physical training and mobility exercises could lead to surprising benefits for your body. It could have a significantly positive impact on how you experience pain by reducing stress on your joints, reducing symptoms of backache and also helping you with the symptoms of arthritis in your knees.

However, if you are unable to manage your pain and weight loss on your own, you might need professional guidance. Genesis Pain management offers a team of in-house experts who can help you ease your pain and relieve the symptoms of weight-induced painful conditions. Contact us and book your consultation with the experts today!

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