According to medical sciences, getting burnt alive is the most painful thing in the world. The second most painful thing is childbirth. Considering this horrible fact, any sensible woman will opt for anything that helps avoid this extreme degree of pain. However, this relief comes at a price called postpartum back aches.

Is It Normal to Have Permanent Back Pain After an Epidural?

There’s a widely spread myth about epidurals that it causes an ever-lasting back pain. However, there is no solid evidence to prove that an epidural is your culprit for back pains. Women who never had an epidural are also equally prone to back pain after experiencing labor pains.

This is simply the aftermath of your pelvic bones and ligaments switching back to their previous states. These changes inside your body trigger back pain as a reaction. Epidurals do come with side effects, but consistent back pain is not one of them. You can experience swelling at the injection site. This soreness takes a couple of days to subside.

How Do You Fix Back Pain from Epidural?

You can give your body some time to recover from the birthing process. But if your back pain is intense enough to disrupt your routine, you can try the following remedies to ease the pain.

1. Massage

Everybody knows how good massages are to calm our pumped-up muscles after working all day. However, they also work as a significant non-surgical method to return your muscles to their former alignment. Therefore, if you struggle with prolonged pain and swelling post-epidural, you can book an appointment with a professional pain management clinic.

2. Hot and Cold Therapy

A hot and cold therapy is done by alternating between hot and cold packs. You can apply a hot water bottle and an ice pack. Ensure that you press the ice pack first against your sore lower back skin before putting the hot water bottle. This hot and cold treatment can be very helpful in killing back pain after the first trial.

3. Rest

Sometimes, it’s not a reaction or an aftermath, and it’s just your body’s way of telling you that it needs rest. Your body nested a baby inside it straight for 9 months. Consider giving it an adequate amount of rest while bonding with your newborn.

4. Exercises

Exercise fixes a variety of physical health issues. It also helps you keep your body agile and strong before and after childbirth to seamlessly undergo the whole pregnancy period till birth. You can begin doing some easy exercises as it can solely work as a remedy for getting rid of your back pain after an epidural.

5. Physical Therapy

If all the above-described remedies fail, you can try physical therapy as a last resort. Your physical therapist will suggest that you go through X-rays to figure out the underlying reason for your consistent back pain. Only then can the right medications or surgery be suggested if the issue is severe.

Ending Notes

No matter the reason for your back pain, whether it’s epidural, lack of rest, or obesity. You only need the right care from the right specialist, like Dr. Raza Jafri at Genesis Pain Clinic.

Our back pain specialist is double-boarded in pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology and has extensive experience in interventional pain management. Dial (913) 871-9888 to schedule a pain management session.

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