All of us have to deal with pain from time to time. Since most patients know the exact cause of their pain, it is easy for them to tell if they are in an emergency or not. But what if you suffer from extreme pain without a clear cause? You might have a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS. Below, we will explain the symptoms of CRPS- and also how patients can find relief.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

CRPS causes extreme pain as well as redness, swelling, and changes in your range of motion. It usually develops after an injury. While most people notice their pain gets better when they heal, people who develop CRPS have pain that gets worse over time. CRPS usually begins in the same part of the body that was injured. However, it can spread to other areas over time. Some patients even report pain across their entire bodies.

Other Causes of Extreme Pain

CRPS is not the only cause of extreme pain. If you suffered from an injury, then it is possible the injury did not heal properly. Other chronic pain conditions might also be the cause of your issues. Share your symptoms with a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Treatments For Extreme Pain

Whether you have CRPS or another condition, chronic pain can make it hard to live a normal life. Luckily, treatment options do exist. Medications can help, such as pain relievers or corticosteroids. Physical therapies are also an option. With a doctor’s help, you can create a relief plan that works for you.

Don’t Wait For Relief

If your pain is severe, then you need immediate treatment. Genesis Pain Clinic offers a variety of options for all different types of pain. We will locate the source of your issues in order to properly treat symptoms. Call today to learn how Genesis Pain Clinic can help you live pain-free.

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