If you have insomnia, then you might also be dealing with painful headaches. But is insomnia the cause of your headaches, or are the headaches causing insomnia? The answer might surprise you. Below, we will explain the difference between insomnia headaches, migraines, and other common types of head pain.


What is an Insomnia Headache?

An insomnia headache is simply head pain that occurs after a sleepless night. There are lots of different reasons for these headaches. Firstly, sleep-deprived people may be fatigued and/or dehydrated, which can lead to headaches. Sleep conditions such as teeth grinding or sleep apnea can also cause head pain.

What About Migraines?

Migraines are one of the most common types of headaches. They are also a leading cause of sleepless nights. Of course, there is a connection between migraines and insomnia. If you have migraine symptoms, then talk to your doctor about possible treatments. Migraines are severe headaches which are generally worse on one side of the head. Migraine symptoms can also include nausea and sensitivity to light or sound.

Tension Headaches, Cluster Headaches, and More

Migraines aren’t the only major type of headache. Other head pains can keep you up, too. Both tension headaches and cluster headaches are common culprits. Headaches can also be a side effect of certain medicines or the result of your lifestyle. An overall health assessment will help your doctor get to the root cause of your headache problem.

Ready to Find Relief?

Genesis Pain Clinic’s patient-first approach will get you feeling better fast. Our staff is trained to listen to your unique concerns so that you can choose the best care for your needs. We offer a variety of migraine treatments, and also solutions for other types of pain. Don’t wait for relief. Call us today to learn how we can help.

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