A variety of factors can cause joint pain. But can something as simple as stress be the culprit behind your pain? The answer might surprise you. In this article, we will explain the link between stress and overall pain levels. We will also give you some pain management tips so that you can feel better fast.

Can Stress Cause Joint Pain?

Stress can cause a lot of negative symptoms, including joint pain. When we are stressed, our bodies tend to tense up. This not only causes muscles to tighten, but also causes joint pressure. Usually, this joint pain happens immediately after a stressful situation. However, low levels of daily stress can lead to chronic aches and pains.

De-Stressing For Pain Relief

If stress is causing you pain, then the simple solution is to de-stress. However, we know this is easier said than done! At the very least, spend some time managing the physical symptoms of your stress. Hot baths, massage therapy, and good sleep hygiene can all improve your mood as well as your body pain. By working on both the mind and the body, you will start to feel better all-around.

Need Additional Help?

Sometimes, simple home remedies aren’t enough to ease away pain. In these cases, we recommend working with a pain specialist. Treatments like steroid injections can provide immediate relief for moderate to severe joint pain. A specialist can also help you determine the root cause of your pain. If it is severe, then you might be dealing with an issue beyond your daily stress.

You Don’t Have to Live With Joint Pain

If pain is affecting your life, then it is time for professional help. Genesis Pain Clinic offers a variety of treatment options for joint pain and also other issues. Our providers will create a personalized solution so that you can find relief. Book an appointment by clicking the link above.

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