Both allergies and migraines can be very hard to live with. But can allergies cause migraines? The answer might surprise you. Read on to learn about the link between these two conditions- and how you can find relief.

Allergies and Headaches

Allergies can cause all sorts of symptoms, such as the classic sneezing and runny nose. But headaches are also an allergy symptom. A stuffy, runny nose and sinus pressure cause inflammation that can make your head hurt. Plus, changes in weather pressure can also cause headaches around the same time that you might be dealing with allergies.

Can Allergies Cause Migraines?

So we know that allergies can cause headaches. But can allergies cause migraines specifically? In short, the answer is yes. Many different things can trigger migraines, including weather changes, sleep issues, and even certain medications. While the allergies themselves might not be causing migraine headaches, related issues might be the culprit.

Other Migraine Causes

Every migraine patient deals with different triggers. As we mentioned, weather, allergies, or sleep problems can cause migraines. Hormonal issues, stress, and diet changes are also common triggers. Learning your migraine triggers will help you take charge of your headaches.

Migraine Treatment Options

There are several different treatments available for migraines. Patients can take medication to relieve pain or to fix the underlying issue that is triggering their migraines. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, meditation, or yoga can also help some patients. Many patients combine medicine with more holistic treatments for greater relief. Talk to your doctor to choose the best treatment for you.

Still Looking For Relief?

Many migraine patients need to try lots of treatments before they finally get relief. Genesis Pain Clinic offers numerous headache treatments and can help you choose the best option for your needs. Click here to learn more, then call us to book your appointment.

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