Lower back pain can occur due to many reasons. One big reason is lumbar spinal stenosis. During this condition, the lumbar spine decompresses, and the joints put extra pressure on the nerves. This additional nerve pressure causes pain while walking, getting up, and bending. People with this condition live with excess pain or ultimately have to get major surgery. Procedures to prevent spinal stenosis are costly, painful, and take a long time to cure. But a relatively new procedure is now available that is quick, less risky, and costs less. This particular procedure is called the Vertiflex Procedure.

If lumbar spinal stenosis is left untreated, it will get much worse. The pain will end up getting unbearable, but if you contact your doctors early about it, you can prevent it. Early detection is key here, as aging is a big factor in lumbar decompression. This is not a procedure you can ask for. Only after proper tests and x-rays can a doctor recommend this procedure. So, make sure you contact a spinal or lower back pain specialist on time.

Complete Procedure Step by Step

If you are still wondering what is the Vertiflex procedure or how it is done, then simply put. It’s a procedure where specially designed implants are placed between vertebral joints. These implants increase the space between your joints, and the excess space relieves pressure on your nerves. The procedure is as follows.

  • The patient lays face down on the operation table.
  • A numbing agent is administered, and a small half-inch incision is made on the spine.
  • A dilator guides the surgeon to push all the tissue out of the way. Therefore, extra cuts are not necessary.
  • The surgeon inserts the implants between the targeted vertebrae.
  • Then he adjusts the implant wings to spread the vertebrae apart, relieving pressure on the nerves.
  • They secure the implant in its place and close the incision.

Who is Eligible to Get This Procedure

People who are suffering from any spinal condition that includes spinal stenosis as a symptom can get this procedure. You are eligible if you are not a good candidate for surgeries or are considered for major surgery. You can try this procedure and see if it works for you. If it does, then you can save a lot of money, time, and hassle.

Procedural Improvements

The Vertiflex Procedure success rate is higher than any other spinal procedure, up to 85%. No other spinal procedure comes close. Many reasons contribute to this procedure being so successful. These factors are as follows.

  • Minimum spinal invasion.
  • No unnecessary incisions.
  • Minimum bleeding due to minimum cuts.
  • The least risk is because the surgeon moves the tissue instead of cutting it.
  • No spinal destabilization and no general hospital stay.


The Vertiflex procedure is only done by a doctor’s recommendation. But if you qualify for it, it can be a lifesaver. Many people all around the world benefit from this procedure because it’s affordable, quick, painless, less risky, and hassle-free. If you need an examination or further consultancy regarding the procedure, please contact Genesis Pain Clinic at 913.871.9888.

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