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What Is the Connection Between Menopause and Joint Pain?

Estrogen is not only about reproduction. It also plays a role in maintaining bone density and keeping joints happy. When estrogen levels reduce during menopause, it can manipulate the joints...

15th January, 2024

What Causes Thigh and Knee Pain After Hip Replacement

When you complain about constant hip pain that doesn’t subside with any remedy or medication. Your physician might recommend that you undergo hip replacement surgery. But as soon as you go...

30th December, 2023

How to Get Rid of Consistent Back Pain After Epidural

According to medical sciences, getting burnt alive is the most painful thing in the world. The second most painful thing is childbirth. Considering this horrible fact, any sensible woman wil...

15th December, 2023

What Kind of Doctor Do I See for Lower Back Pain?

A common misconception is that lower back pain is a sign of aging. When someone mimics an old character, the first thing they do is hold their lower back and walk. While anybody can experien...

30th November, 2023

The Impact of Obesity On Spinal Health

If you cannot control your waistline even after putting in a huge amount of effort, you are not alone. Weight gain is frustrating as it not only keeps you from looking your best but also bri...

15th November, 2023

Why Do I Keep Waking Up With a Migraine?

The ideal way to start off your morning is with a bright smile on your face as you slowly ease into your morning routine, setting the tempo for the day. That is why it can be incredibly unse...

30th October, 2023

What Causes Lower Back Pain in Females?

If you’re a woman, you’re probably familiar with menstruation cramps and the excessive pain that comes along with them. At times, it can feel like someone is twisting your guts, scrunchi...

15th October, 2023

Can You Get Shingles If You Never Had Chickenpox?

A lot of people believe that singles and chickenpox are related, and that’s because they are. The same virus that causes chickenpox —- the varicella-zoster virus —- is known to cause s...

30th September, 2023

Cortisone Injection: Do You Need Rest After the Shot?

When pain and inflammation in joints, as well as soft tissues, bring you discomfort, your doctor might suggest cortisone shots to relieve the discomfort. If you qualify for the steroid injec...

15th September, 2023

What If Nerve Ablation Doesn’t Work?

Imagine you have pain in an area of your body; it could be your neck, back, or another part. But no matter what you do, the pain remains there! Chronic pain can be really challenging to deal...

30th August, 2023
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