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Esketamine vs Ketamine: What’s the Difference?

Living with treatment-resistant unipolar major depression can be extremely overwhelming and discouraging. Recently, ketamine and esketamine emerged as new treatment options for unipolar majo...

18th September, 2020

How to Support a Loved One Receiving Ketamine Infusions

Supporting a loved one grappling with depression can be incredibly difficult. When someone we’re close to is struggling, it’s natural to want to do everything in our power to help them f...

18th September, 2020

Ketamine Infusions & Common Side Effects of Ketamine

Depression is the leading cause of disability world-wide. In the United States, about 7.1% of adults experience at least one major depressive episode, and suicide rates have been steadily ri...

15th September, 2020

Struggling With Knee Pain When Walking Up Stairs?

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of our patients. For lots of people, this pain becomes unbearable while climbing the stairs. So what causes this problem- and what is the solut...

15th September, 2020

Do You Have Insomnia Headaches- Or Something Else?

If you have insomnia, then you might also be dealing with painful headaches. But is insomnia the cause of your headaches, or are the headaches causing insomnia? The answer might surprise you...

30th August, 2020

5 Causes of Female Back Pain

Back pain can be seriously uncomfortable. But what is causing the discomfort? There are so many different issues that can cause low back pain. Below, we will share 5 common culprits in women...

15th August, 2020

When Should You Worry About Headaches?

Headaches are a common problem- but are they dangerous? Most of us struggle with headaches from time to time. However, some people have severe headaches that need medical attention. Below, w...

30th July, 2020

Why Choose Injections for Neck Pain?

Do you suffer from chronic neck pain? Occasional neck stiffness is a common problem. However, some people have daily pain that is severe enough to impact their lives. There are a variety of ...

15th July, 2020

Treating Menopause Joint Pain

Menopause can come with a lot of annoying symptoms. While you were probably expecting the hot flashes and night sweats, other symptoms may have taken you by surprise. For example, were you p...

30th June, 2020

Exercises & Low Back Pain

Before you start an exercise program it is important to understand the nature of your back pain. It is important to assess whether your pain is acute (less than 4 weeks), subacute (4-12 week...

19th May, 2020