Imagines starting your day with pain and stiffness in the neck — that definitely counts as waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Generally, your sleeping position or the type of pillow you use is to be blamed for neck pain from sleeping. In addition, sleeping issues and underlying conditions can also cause your neck to hurt after you wake up. So, carry on reading this blog to learn the answer to “Why does my neck hurt when I wake up?”

Why Does My Neck Hurt When I Wake Up?

Waking up with neck pain can be pretty frustrating, and it ruins your entire day. Hence, you will experience pain even when you do something as simple as turning your head. Here are a few reasons why you wake up from neck pain:

    1. Sleeping Position: Your sleeping position could be responsible for neck pain when waking up, especially if you sleep on your stomach. This may force you to place the head in a twisted position, straining the neck muscles.
    2. Pillow: Choosing the right kind of pillow to sleep on is extremely important — or you’ll have to deal with neck as well as back pain. If you opt for a pillow that is more flat or thick than necessary, it might strain your neck by forcing your head to remain at an awkward angle. And you may find yourself waking up with a sore neck.
    3. Sudden Movement: Factors as simple as sitting up too quickly or turning your head fast can strain the neck too. Moreover, tossing and turning at night may contribute to neck pain after sleeping too.
    4. Injury: Whiplash, sports injuries, and more can be why your neck hurts after waking up. You should seek treatment for whiplash or neck pain as soon as you can. Previous injuries can result in neck pain after sleeping and other complications.
    5. Medical Conditions: If your neck hurts after you wake up, it could actually signify an underlying condition as well. Fibromyalgia, cervical arthritis, and spinal stenosis are some medical conditions that may show neck pain as a symptom.

Ways to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping

While you should seek neck pain treatment from a professional, there are some home remedies that may help alleviate your discomfort. Here are some tips for dealing with neck pain from sleeping:

    • You can use a cold compress on the affected area to reduce soreness and improve your condition. Furthermore, warm compress works wonders as well. You can also apply an icepack or ice wrapped in a clean cloth in place of a cold compress and a heating pad or hot water bottle wrapped in cloth rather than a warm compress.
    • Get over-the-counter pain medications.
    • Try range-of-motion exercises.
    • Massage the affected area.
    • Use a soft neck collar.

What’s the Takeaway?

Usually, the reason your neck hurts when you wake up is not due to a serious cause. However, it is recommended to visit a doctor just in case. At Genesis Pain Clinic, we make sure all your needs are met. Dial (913) 871-9888 to talk to us now or visit us at 6700 W 121st St, Suite 300, Overland Park, KS 66209.

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