Back pain can be seriously uncomfortable. But what is causing the discomfort? There are so many different issues that can cause low back pain. Below, we will share 5 common culprits in women. Of course, these are not all of the problems that can cause female back pain. If you think you have another issue that is not mentioned, then please contact your doctor.

1- Sprains and Strains

The lower back contains a lot of muscles that work hard throughout the day. These muscles are also prone to get pulled during exercise or other activities. If you have pain after heavy lifting or work out, then you may be dealing with a sprain or strain.

2- Herniated Discs

This is a common problem with one of the discs in your spinal column. Sometimes, these discs become compressed and move positions. Some herniated discs don’t cause symptoms. However, others can cause pain, numbness, or general feelings of weakness.

3- Nerve Pain

Of course, the back also contains a large network of nerves. This means that people with nerve pain often feel it in their backs. Nerve pain can feel like a tingling or numbness. It might also cause a sensation that feels like a shock.

4- Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic condition that can cause pain all over the body. Arthritis causes an inflammatory reaction that can lead to pain, stiffness, and also joint swelling.

5- Pregnancy

Pregnancy often causes female back pain. A growing belly can displace your weight, leading to discomfort. The growing fetus can also press against certain nerves, resulting in pain. Luckily, this pain should go away after you give birth. However, you should see a doctor if the pain is severe.

Treating Back Pain

You don’t have to suffer from back pain. If you are struggling with chronic back issues, then Genesis Pain Clinic can help. We treat all sorts of back issues and can help you find relief. To schedule an appointment, call our clinic today.



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