A back pain specialist can help you find relief from your chronic pain. But who needs to see these professionals? While anyone can benefit, there are certain people who especially need to visit a back pain specialist. Read on to learn more.

1- Your Back Pain Gets Worse Over Time

Back pain is usually acute, which means it starts suddenly due to an injury or other issue. Acute pain can be very intense, but usually gets better as time goes on. If your pain continues to get worse, then a specialist can help you figure out why.

2- You Don’t Know The Cause Of The Pain

We all deal with aches and pains after sleeping in an odd position or hitting the gym a little too hard. However, some people experience intense pain for (what seems like) no reason whatsoever. A back pain specialist is needed in these situations. He or she can examine your body, run tests, and help you determine the cause of your pain. This is the only way to effectively treat the backaches.

3- Your Current Treatment Is Not Working

A back pain specialist can also help you if your current pain treatment isn’t working. There are many different types of pain relief, and all affect patients differently. A specialist will look at your overall health as well as your back issues to discover potential problems with your current pain plan.

Exploring Different Options

There are so many different treatments designed to help back pain. Genesis Pain Clinic offers a wide variety of options, from epidural injections to spinal cord stimulators. We work with every patient on an individual basis to help them choose the best therapy for their needs.

Back Pain Specialist in Kansas

Genesis Pain Clinic can help you find relief from your back pain. Call us at 913-871-9888 to book an appointment, or explore our website to learn more about what we do.

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